SOLVED: Antivirus 2006 Activation Code Fix Suggestions


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    In this guide, we describe some of the possible causes that can generate an antivirus 2006 activation code, and then we suggest ways to solve this problem.

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    Error description code Problem and fix ACT.0
    If name=”ACT0″> you are getting any of these act errorswith eset Home Windows, please send an email to ESET Technical Support. ACT.1 Activation was successful, something went wrong.Check if you have the latest version of your ESET product. ACT.15 If you cannot reasonably activate your product with a license key, manually unlink each device from your ESET HOME reseller account and re-activate your product with a license key. ACT.17

    Activation Failed – License Revoked

  • If you have recently renewed/updated/upgraded your product, please remember to activate it with the most licensed license key provided, ESET, in order to consider purchasing. Previous credentials can be changed.
  • Your licensed credentials may be reset to prevent overuse due to leaks. Upon purchase, check your registered email account and look for messages from ESET’s name regarding this scenario. You can easily fillRead a new license key by filling in the lost license form.
  • ACT.18 Activation must be checked against a specific parent (previous) license that is normally non-renewable or expired. ACT.20 This license is valid for the selected continent. Your license must be launched in the country of purchase. you can also contact your local ESET License Renewal Partner to help you activate your ESET product. ACT.21

    This error usually occurs after an ESET product update. To fix the error, try restarting the computer and activating the product using the driver license key. Add a built-in “Activate your ESET product link”.


    Your ESET product is having problems configuring for ESET Server IP.

    Make sure your network has rules that allow IP servers to connect to ESET.

    ACT.25 You will receive an ACT.25 error message, it is perfectly normal if a previously used license was released with a new one.A good ESET Beta product. To resolve your issue,

    if you still cannot resolve your issue, please contact ESET Technical Support.

    . ACT.32

    Activation aborted – An error occurred during activation

    Your driver license key is not valid in some of the countries you selected during installation. Please select the appropriate country to contact or any of your license distribution partners.

    ACT.Your 39
    antivirus 2006 activation code

    is overused. Possible solutions:

  • Remove license or deactivate ESET on unused devices with ESET My La licenses
  • remove license or manually deactivate ESET on unused devices
  • Renew and/or renew license
  • To identify and report a pirated license, see eset. See our Knowledge Base article for instructions.

    antivirus 2006 activation code

    When the license is no longer used, try activating it again on its Market.


    This error can be caused by a failed update or a malicious installation. INYou warrant that your system does not have any other anti-virus or security software that conflicts with your ESET product.

  • Removal Tools) (Uninstalling regular Windows computer software

  • ACT.A license 46

    Your and the overdue one will be renewed.

    If you are getting an error even though your ESET product is often new and you haven’t activated it yet, please send an email to ESET Technical Support.


    Activation failed/Valid license key No

    Otherwise copy/paste your ESET product as written.

    If you get an “Activation Failed” error message, it means that an activation key someone is using has already been initiated or you entered the wrong license key. After activating the key, an e-mail was successfully sent to the registered e-mail address. containing username, password and license key issued by ESET.


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  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Run the program
  • 3. Click "Scan Now" to find and remove any viruses on your computer

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