Tips To Resolve The Bad Sector Error Message.

Over the past few days, some of our readers have encountered an error code with a bad sector error message. This problem can occur for many reasons. Let’s discuss this below.


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    An apparent or software bad area is a cluster of memory on a hard drive that appears to be malfunctioning.

    bad sector error message

    What should I do if my hard drive has bad sectors? This guide provides the best business solutions for repairing failed hard drives and effectively protecting your data.

    bad sector error message

    Sometimes a hard drive crashes when one or more bad sectors appear on the hard drive. In this case, the data in those nasty sectors may be lost, but I would say that the data on the rest of the hard drive is not affected and the hard drive is still completely usable. To help you perform critical repairshard drive and get your data back as soon as possible, we recommend that you follow the tips below before taking any action to repair the bad sector.

    Hard Drive Bad Sector Overview

    How fix bad sectors on hard drive?

    Click “Properties” in the context menu and go to the “Tools” tab in the “Properties” dialog box. In the “Checking Error” state, click “Confirm Now”. In a typical check disk dialog box, check “Automatically fix file system errors”, check “Scan for bad sectors and try to repair”, then go to Start.

    Before you start, learn some basic information about bad sectors to choose the best formula for removing bad sectors from your current drive.

    What Is A Bad Sector

    According to professional IT sites and Wikipedia, the underperforming sector is faced with a constantly processed unit of storage on the hard drive. The old sector will be corrupted, the information stored in this partition will now be lost. Usually, as in Windows 10/8/7, the OS ignores the hard sector after it is detected and.

    Two Types Of Bad Sectors

    There are actually two types of bad sectors: a hardware bad sector (also called a physical bad sector) and a software bad sector (also called a logical bad sector). Error

    The hard sector is mostly caused by physical damage (in 1.2. Reason)such as manufacturing defects, physical malfunctions, etc. A bad software sector is usually associated with software situations (in 3. Reason), hard disk operations, errors in the information system, etc. In

    Because of the alternate causes of bad sectors, methods for recovering bad sectors are equally varied. Read on, you will find the best solutions to fix bad sectors on your hard drive in Windows 10/8/7.

    How To Check Hard Drive Bad Sectors In Windows 10/8/7

    Although we have explained which bad sectors can be identified as physical and logical, you may still not know how to tell them apart. Here’s a simple rule for you to spot each of our differences: if you can check for weak sectors on your drive.

    Are bad sectors repairable?

    Bad sectors are simply impossible to recover, but they can be avoided. Software bad sectors occur when you learn an error correcting code (ECC) in a sector that does not affect the contents of the sector. A software bad sector is sometimes referred to as a “disk format” – these are logical problems, not physical ones.

    If you’ve been able to check your hard drive and get some basic bad sector information, it’s highly likely that you have weak bad sectors on your hard drive. If not only the situation gets worse, it could be difficult and dangerous sectors.

    To find outTo give the exact number, as well as bad sectors, a licensed free disk management tool – EaseUS Partition Master Free is recommended. It can scan bad sectors on your hard drive for free in Windows 10/8/7 with one click.

    How do I fix a sector error?

    Run the CHKDSK command and format the hard drive.Run most CHKDSK commands to fix bad software sectors.Reformat the hard drive so that it is understandable.Use freeA smart hard drive scan and repair tool to repair bad sectors.

    In addition, out has extensive disk partitioning capabilities such as resizing/moving a partition, creating a partition, mapping a partition, formatting a partition, and deleting a partition. Most people can also use it to convert FAT32 to NTFS without data loss, convert MBR disk to GPT disk and vice versa.

    Step 1. Open EaseUS Partition Master. Right-click the drive you want to check, then select Advanced > Surface Check


    Step 2. The process will be executed immediately and all bad market sectors will be marked in red.

    Typically, when there are too many bad sectors, a particular scan process will fail. patiently waiting Looking back, you can know exactly how many bad deals there were.

    How To Repair Bad Sectorson Hard Drive 10

    As in Windows, you know that when the operating function detects bad sectors, they are marked as unusable, whether they are logically or physically bad sectors. Therefore, data loss and loss of hard drive capacity is always inevitable. So how do you fix and remove bad sectors from your hard drive? Check out the detailed guides.

    First Thing To Do: Backup And Clone Your Hard Drive To A Clean Drive (ignore Bad Sectors)

    If a hard drive has accumulated a lot of software bad sectors, data is still stored or is slow to load to the computer, or if the drive fails due to physically defective designs, bad sectors cannot be recovered. Personal preference is to go ahead and back up your data first. But how to copy a complex disk with bad sectors?

    EaseUS Disk Copy, a powerful disk cloning software, can skip all bad sectors and clonedCreate Disk to make a complete copy of your exhausting disk.

  • Transfer your operating system to a new hard drive without reinstalling Windows and applications.
  • Clone a larger hard drive to a smaller SSD.
  • Easily clone hard drives to a USB drive in your car.
  • What causes a hard drive to have bad sectors?

    “Hard” defective parts are caused by physical damage to the drive. They can be designated whenever a read/write head comes into contact with a physical surface, most commonly associated with a disk. This usually occurs when the hard drive is subjected to shock while writing files, extreme environmental conditions, or inaccurate mechanical parts.

    Download and apply this CD or DVD ripping software to update your hard drive with bad sectors and easily clone it to a healthy hard drive.

    If your computer is unable to boot to the operating system, please create a bootable USB drive beforehand, and then follow the steps below to copy your important data. Don’t forget to connect your new hard drive to your computer as a mass storage device.


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  • Step 1: Select Disk Mode and select the smaller disk as your source.

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    Foutmelding In Slechte Sector
    Komunikat O Błędzie Złego Sektora
    불량 섹터 오류 메시지
    Felmeddelande För Dålig Sektor
    Сообщение об ошибке плохого сектора
    Messaggio Di Errore Del Settore Danneggiato
    Message D’erreur De Secteur Défectueux
    Mensagem De Erro De Setor Inválido
    Mensaje De Error De Sector Defectuoso
    Fehlermeldung „Bad Sector“.