Fixed: How To Fix DirectX Memory Leak Interrupt

If you have a DirectX memory leak on your system, we hope this user guide will help you.


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    This article provides workarounds for an issue that causes Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications to fail during the Break an Memory Leaks runtime check.

    Original product version: Windows Presentation Foundation
    Original KB number: 2643361


    Developers can install the dedicated DirectX SDK and use the DirectX control panel to optionally enable a cool run-time check called Break on Memory Leaks. Direct3D9 is designed to call us with DebugBreak at certain times during shutdown if such a configuration is enabled and the result is an object leak. This configuration change will directly affect all applications, especially Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications such as Visual Studio 2010.


    The native rendering website in WPF is not securely closed, so these run-time checks don’t work. These failures only occur during shutdown, so don’t expect a loss of understanding or a constant drain on resources.rsov.


  • Uncheck Crash on Memory Leak in the DirectX panel control.
  • Forcing wpf applications to use software development mode. For more information, see Graphics rendering registry settings.
  • Read about 2 minutes
  • Updated

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  • Background:I have a real Visual Studio 2013 project with DirectX (version 9). The project is a kind of x86 solution. When I run DirectX in debug mode, I can’t get rid of all the memory leaks.

    Direct3D9::====> INPUT: DLLMAIN(6417d9a0): Detach process 0000350c, tid=0000363cDirect3D9: (INFO):MemDone!Direct3D9: (ERROR): Memory restored! The number of allowances implies 975Direct3D9: (ERROR): Current process (pid) means 0000350c called a breakpoint.program'[13580] ' left code 0 (0x0).

    From the above, I learned that the program works with 975 allocated elements, but also not destroyed or freed. This triggered a breakpoint since you are paying for the DirectX debug setting (“Break formemory leaks). .

    break on memory leaks directx

    So before posting the actual I-code, I tried to use some of the PIX utilities provided by Microsoft with DirectX. Capturing the same solution, I got the following result, which means that every object created was then destroyed.

    break on memory leaks directx

    Therefore, I still recommend the Leak Store after VS2013, but not after PIX. Any ideas how to do this?

    Hello Mohammad,

    Thank you for your reply. Anyway, I still miss him or something, you… can’t fix it…

    Firstly, there is a much longer list of unpublished tasks, including the main Direct3D object (at least I think it’s the one with AllocID 1), which is none (but calling everything, of course). this, right?)

    Thanks for understanding why I don’t need to set SetIndices(NULL) etc. (It drove me crazy, who might need this…)

    I tried to find AllocID, but most of them end up calling sprintf() etc safely.

    I can inject the output with this debug (I filtered to pick from useless pieces of data), but I’m afraid that’s not muchReady for buyers if they don’t know what the source is…< /p >Some of the AllocIDs are somewhere near the shaders, but I will definitely publish the assembly / compilation too 🙁

    HookingE:UNLIMITEDRACERSOURCESCOMPILATIONGRAPHICTESTDEBUG.EXERPH: Injected when running updone...RPH:D3D9_DLL Hooked'GraphicTestDebug.exe' : Loaded 'C:WINDOWSsystem32MSCTF.dll' , Symbol not loaded. 'GraphicTestDebug.exe': 'C:WINDOWSsystem32d3d9d.dll' loaded, symbols not loaded. 'GraphicTestDebug.exe': 'C:WINDOWSsystem32d3dx9d_28.dll' loaded, theme not loaded. (INFO) direct3d9: Direct3D9 debug runtime selected. D3D9 Helper: D3DD advanced debugging disabled; Application not compiled with direct3d9 D3D_DEBUG_INFO(INFO): Direct3D9 debug runtime selected D3D9 helper: D3DD extended debugging disabled; Application was not compiled with D3D_DEBUG_INFO(INFO) Direct3d9::Direct3D9 Debug Runtime, D3D9 Helper selected: D3DD advanced debugging disabled; The application was indeed not compiled with (INFO) d3d_debug_infodirect3d9::====================== Hal MixedVP, Direct3D9 device selected: (INFO):HalDevice Driver Style 9Direct3D9 : (INFO): Failed to build driver directly IndexbufferGraphicTestDebug.exe generated perfect breakpoint 'GraphicTestDebug.exe': 'C:WINDOWSsystem32usp10.dll' loadingyen, celebrities not uploaded D3D9 Already connected, but needs to restart. UnHookingRPH:D3D9_DLL 'GraphicTestDebug.exe' included: 'H:ProgramsPowerStripPShook.dll' was loaded, the binary was not built because debug information was present. 'GraphicTestDebug.exe': 'C:WINDOWSsystem32oleaut32.dll' loaded, no image loaded. 'GraphicTestDebug.exe': files loadedGenius 'h:program NetScroll+ Optical MouseWhoru.dll' was not built into the binary and contains debug information. 'GraphicTestDebug.exe': loaded 'C:WINDOWSsystem32mslbui.dll', value not loaded 'GraphicTestDebug.exe': loaded 'H:Program NetScroll+ filesgenius Optical Mousegnetscrl.dll', binary not loaded was created and debug information .Direct3D9: (INFO):MemFini!Direct3D9: (WARNING): memory not yet allocated! Allocation count is 98Direct3D9:(WARNING): current process (PID) is 000004c4Direct3D9: (WARNING): ) Address:: memory 003bc200 lAllocID=9 dwSize=00001368, (pid=000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARN): Backstack TraceDirect3D9: (WARN) Address::memory 003bc098 lAllocID=10 dwSize=0000rect0008, (pid=000004c4) (WARNING) Address:: ram memory 003bd5d8 lAllocID=11 dwSize=000007e0, (pid=000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARNING): Stackback TraceDirect3D9: (WARNING) Address: :memory 003bf4d8 lAllocID=42 dwSize=42 dw06bc 00, 000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARNING): - Stack Ba ck TraceDirect3D9: (WARNINGIE) Address::memory 003b9e80 lAllocID=44 dwSize=000017a0, (pid=000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARNING): Stack Back TraceDirect3D9: (WARNING) =000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARNING): Reinstall TraceDirect3D9 stack: (WARNING): Address: WARNING :Memory 01c8ad98 lAllocID=48 dwSize=00003508, (pid=000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARN): Backstack TraceDirect3D9: (WARN) Address 0:08 :bmemory lAllocID=49 dwSize=00000198, (pidc4)Direct3D98 and Stack Back TraceDirect3D9: (WARN) Address::cram 003bbf58 lAllocID=50 dwSize=00000030, (pid=000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARN): Stack Back TraceDirect3D9: (WARN) Address::memory 01c8e310 lAllocID=51 dwSize=00001020, (pid= 000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARN) (space) Stack Back TraceDirect3D9: (WARN) Address::memory 01c8f3a0 lAllocID=52 dwSize=2000088 , ( pid = 000004c4) Direct3D9: (WARN): Stack Back TraceDirect3D9: (WARN) Address:: m memory 003bfe10 lAllocID=53 dwSize=00000090, (pid=000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARNING): Back T raceDirect3D9 stack: (WARNING) Address::memory 003bff10 lAllocID=54 dwSize=00000050, (pid=000004c4) . . . TraceDirect3D9 Back Stack: (WARN) Address: :retention 003bf200 lAllocID=56 dwSize=00000090, (pid=000004c4) pid=000004c4) Direct3D9: (WARN) and Stack Back TraceDirect3D9: (WARN) Address: :memory 005 Alldoc3 =00000050, (pid=000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARN): Stack Back TraceDirect3D9: (WARN) Address:: Memory 003bf3c0 lAllocID=59 dwSize=00000044, (pid=000004c4)Direct3D9: (WARNING):

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