How Can I Solve The Problem? Screen Does Not Open


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    I was running my remote project from a full command line so you can do it on a machine where I don’t have proper admin rights and after running git push resource master I get the following error message:


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  • (gnome-ssh-askpass:29241): Gtk WARNING **: Failed to start mapping:

    My .git/config file has the following content:

     [core]       repository format version implies 0       File mode = true       naked = wrong       logallrefupdates = true    [distant "origin"]       search implies +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*       url=https://[email protected]/username/repository.git    [master branch]       removed equal to original       merge = links/heads/master

    I chose the 403 error earlier. Currently, following a comment here, I put my id before the @ sign and truncate the url and I’ve been getting gtk error ever since.

    When I login with ssh -X and try to push I get the following connection error:

    X11Rejected due to bad authentication.Gtk-WARNING(gnome-ssh-askpass:31922): **: unable to open display:localhost:10.0

    If I change the main remote url to [email protected]:username/repository.git an error occurs:

    ssh: connect server to port 22 Connection timed outfatal: The remote station connected unexpectedly

    Do you know how to attach this?

    need April 18, 2013 around 8:25

    Jean ManacJean Manac


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    Complex Monitor Placement (fixed In WSLg 1.0.19)

    cannot open display unset

    There is a named issue in WSLg 1.0.17 that would likely cause Weston to encounter an invalid assertion and restart the computer as if you had a monitor facing upside down and horizontally. Effectively blocks and restarts the X server on every connection attempt.

    You may be able to check if buyers click below

    cannot open display unset

    if you learn something like

    Then you run into the problem of consultation. The workaround in the second case is to position all those monitors either vertically or horizontally, not really, but using the combination most commonly associated with both.

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