How To Fix Can’t Open MSN Messenger Registry Key

In some cases, your system may return a message that the MSN Messenger registry key cannot be opened. There can be several reasons for this problem.


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  • is that i have a big problem with my laptop or my computer. It started with an error message I got when trying to run Excel 2007:

    Make sure you have sufficient rights to access the PC registry or contacts


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  • Tried to sell the bug to Google, ran it and found Microsoft fixes that didn’t work. Some solutions were to turn on the recording of all control rooms (which certainly worked).

    Now when I try to log in to BleepingComputer from this computer, my screen pops up.Is to receive Hotmail. So I’m using a very sophisticated portable computer to deliver this message. Regularly

    How do I give admin rights to a registry?

    To open the appropriate registry editor, click > run Run > Regedit type .exe > press Enter. In the left-click area, right-click the key that currently requires permission and click Permissions. Select the group or username that the permission will apply to. Select the Allow viewing access levels associated with a group or username check box.

    I run and malwarebytes SuperAntiSpyware (weekly) with AVG 2011 and have an active firewall. Last week I noticed that my versions of Microsoft weren’t installing properly.

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  • You may have seen some of these articles, but I don’t even know how far you are –

    How do I fix error access to the registry?

    To make it work, you need to runSteep it from an open CMD window – press Magic windows + R, type “cmd” and highlight Ctrl + Shift + Enter so you can open a command prompt window to manage privileges. This procedure should now successfully bypass the “Registry Error” access error.Itemprop=”Creator

    Start advanced here >> Get Excel help for Excel 2007. Then >> Go Excel HERE –

    1 help. login to the computer with an administrator account.

    5.In the “Hidden Folder Data Files” section and click “Show Hidden Folder Data Files” and.

    6. Clear the Hide extensions for known file functions check box, then click OK.

    8.If you’re using Office 3, right-click the Opa12.dat file and select Properties. If you are usingFor Office 03, right-click Opa11.And dat and choose Properties. If you are using Office XP, right-click Data.And dat and select Properties.

    12.Click to select “Everyone” from the list of nearest permission entries, then just click “Edit”.

    14.Press OK three times. If these steps do not solve this type of problem, delete the Opa11.dat file, otherwise the Data.dat file from the folder just below, then restart the Office 2003 or Office program: xp


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    I look

  • hi i just did it now. Let me know how things go.

    Thank you


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  • I foresaw this and have already encountered your problems. When I right-clicked OPA12.Dat, I had no security tabs. I know that I have an administrator, because my login is the only one that the machine belongs to. Simply

    I looked at how they do it, noticed that the OPA12.dat history was gone. I copied my OPA12.BAK file from mine and changed the extension. Same case; just a check and a general summary. Now, open when I try to install WORD Office. Then the same specific 1402 error message as before appears.
    getting worse.

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  • I have tried this beforeI did have problems. When I right-clicked on OPA12.dat, I got a real security tab. I know, only I have an admin, because the login is the only one that the machine does.

    How do you fix error 1402 setup Cannot open the registry key?

    Method 1: Set all permissions for the “Everyone” group from the “Control to Full” registry subkey for all rates in the error message.Method 2: Disable third-party software on your computerMethod 3: Put the system in a “clean boot” state, start and install Office.method 4

    Click “Tools” in the bar then menu, “Options” in folders.

    How do I enable Winreg?

    Click Start, type Run, type regedit, click OK.Expand the following right registry subkey:Click winreg, then click Permissions.Click Add.In the Enter object names to use in box, type Store Local Service, and then click OK.

    In the “Advanced at the bottom of settings” step of the list, uncheck “Use simple file usage (recommended)”. Click OK.

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  • I was able to hook get security and remap full control. However, when I try to open the excellent excel file, I get the error again:

    Error 1406. The installer cannot store the XLMAIN value in the registry, I would say the
    TagActionsF11AE61-1331-4238-92C9-BBE330AF25FD. You confirm
    who has sufficient rights to access the registry, please contact
    Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for help. receipt For
    For information on how to contact PSS see PSS10R.CHM

    WORD works now that he deleted the OPA12.dat file and left it to the system to do.


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  • So,

    cannot open registry key msn messenger

    WORD now works after restoring OPA12 deleted data file and system.


    Clients allowed most/some or elements, this is exactly 1406″ “error. The message is a thought now – (sorry I couldn’t look back) –

    Sometimes, if you can wait Or 10-15 minutes, I’m looking for

    Error 1406



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  • Disable AVG
    cannot open registry key msn messenger

    because a person does the above, because AVG can block new features –

    Upgrade to AVG 2012

    You say psoftware, is it only Windows F/wall? xp As this may also need to be permanently disabled –

    It’s only from a Vista device, but you still have Office, so it’s the same

    This is a fix for error 1406Automatic registry fixes

    Finally, could you help me a little, please? Post late at night so I leave the sections and leave you 2 urls and a string you can use to google that works –

    I’ll be back (in due time) tomorrow morning, but now there are other people who can help –

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    Kan Registersleutel Msn Messenger Niet Openen
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