The Specified File Cannot Be Found After The Print Spooler Failed To Start. Problems?

If you are unable to start the print spooler, the specified file is not found on your PC, then this user guide should help you solve the problem.


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  • Why is my computer throwing a : “The service on the local notepad print spooler cannot be started?

    Why does my new computer give me the error message “Could not start solution in disk”What is the print spooler on the local computer?”

    How do I reinstall the Print Spooler?

    Press Windows + R, services.msc method and ok.Scroll down and see the physical view of the print spooler service.Right-click the Print Spooler service and select Restart.And make sure the Startup Type of the Serial Print Spooler is set to Automatic.If you haven’t right-clicked the print spooler service, select “Properties”

    When I tried to install the printer, I got error 1068: The service or search group could not be started. I tried to access the management of my computer system to enable the print process, spooler, but I got the same error message every time. What should a dependency service or institution be and how do I set it up?

    Why do I get an error 2 when trying to print?

    The system cannot find the entire specified file. Error 2 means that the specified file was not found. In the case of the print spooler service, the exact “file specified” is probably the missing file: c:windowssystem32spoolsv.exe

    Hi SimoneJ,

    Try replacing the spoolsv.exe file, which may be located in C:windowssystem32, with C:WINDOWSServicePackFilesi386.

    Running the print spooler from the print service (Start->Run->services.msc->Print Spooler).

    I hope this helps.

  • “Could not send a window to the print spooler on the local computer. Error 1053&colon. The service is not responding only when started on demand or randomly.”

    Actually, I wanted to print something that my teacher had uploaded to the school website, but after clicking the “Enable Editing” button, most printers wouldn’t print. I read that I couldn’t find my ink. He went there and when I try to addHave a printer, he bought me an error message. I tried to troubleshoot the printer, but found that the print spooler was not working. I created and tried to restart the build spooler in services.msc and it gave me: “Failed to launch window to calculate local service print spooler. Error 1053: The service may still not respond to On-Demand Boot Custom Check. “Help, please!


    I suggest most people try the steps in the following link:

    What are the common print spooler service errors?

    Error 2: The system cannot find the specified file. Windows was unable to start the print spooler service on the local computer. Error 3: The system cannot find the specified path type. Apparently, the first process the user ran was troubleshooting the printer, and that’s how he discovered that the print spooler service was not there, but was unable to successfully resolve the issue.

    FAQ on the Spooler Printer Forum: An error occurred while trying to restore the printer

    cannot start the print spooler cannot find file specified

    Method 2
    I suggest you try the approaches at the following link:

    Why can’t I print? com/en-us/windows7/why-cant-i-print

  • “Windows could not start the program in the local computer’s print spooler. Error 1068: otherwise the dependency service might start the group.”

    I play with my startup programs andthis time I get the following error message: “Windows could not start the service in the print spooler on the local computer. Error 1068: In many cases, a dependency or group of services simply does not start with .” There are no non-working printers in the list either.

    Hello Jkoryzna,

    Thank you for participating in the Microsoft Answers forum.

    To fix the problem, fix the dependency to get information about the print spooler service.

    Click Start, Start and type:


    This can also be achieved using a custom registry editor:

    Click Start, run Regedit.exe and sort it

    How do I force restart printer spooler?

    Open the start menu.Enter services.Scroll down and select Print Spooler Service.Right-click the Print Spooler feature and select Stop. .Wait 30 seconds for the service to stop.Right-click the Print Spooler service and select Start as well.

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    How do I fix the Print Spooler service is not running?

    Press “Window Key” + “R” to open the “Run” dialog box.Type “Services.msc” then select “OK”.Double click the print spooler service, also change the startup type to automatic.Restart your computer and try reinstalling the printer.


    In the right pane, double-click the DependOnService value

    Then delete the existing data and enter RPCSS

    Close Regedit.exe.


    Changing the settings of some REGISTERS can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from properly accessing them. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems encountered in theAs a result of REGISTRATION theme settings, can be resolved. You make changes to these excellent settings at your own risk.

    Follow the steps in each article below.
    Solve printing problems by resetting the copy spooler.


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    cannot start the print spooler cannot find file specified

    Let us know if this helps you in particular


  • Windows has the option of not starting the print spooler on the local computer. Error 1053∷ The service might not have requested to start in time.

    My printer is working fine, I got this message today. I tried to start services with it as a spooler but it doesn’t really respond and I was able to stop it as well. Help.

    Hello, Slobodan!

    Thanks for posting.

    Is 1 computer joined to a domain?

    Enter a link.

    CORRECT. When you uninstall or stop a managed Windows service, you get another error message “Error 1053: The service could not be started or managed in a timely manner”.

  • “Failed to start service on Windows Firewall Local Machine. » Error 1068∷ start dependency service or sometimes group. »

    Hello, I’ve been trying to solve a lot of things. I’m just updating my latest Vista kit. Also I sort things like CCleaner RegClean Pro…

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    How to fix Windows 10 spooler key not working?

    1. Press the Windows key + R, then type regedit and press Enter to open the Registry Editor. 2. Navigate to the following registry key: 3. Be sure to highlight the spooler key in the shutdown panel, then in the right pane, find the sequence called DependOnService.

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