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    In some cases, your computer may generate an error message stating the Firefly character’s bio. There can be many reasons for this error to appear.

    Main Characters

    Malcolm Reynolds


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  • Malcolm Reynolds (“Mal”), played by Nathan Fillion, is the owner and captain of the Serenity Firefly-class spaceship and eventually volunteered in the war between the Alliance and the Independents (also known as the “Browncoats”). . He gained recognition for his starship from the famous lineage he fought and commanded in one battle in Serenity Valley. When asked why he named his ship after a lost battle, Zoe replied, “When you have your composure, never run away from it. He is fiercely loyal to those he calls his crew.

    firefly character bios

    Malcolm’s main job is to keep his employees alive and keep the sales going. As Firefly writer Tim Minear noted in an interview, “It’s definitely about making ends meet. In “Serenity”, Mal says of himself, “[If] the wind blows north, I go north.”

    The screenshots suggest with aplomb that Mal was bred on September 20, 2468, which brings him back to 49 years old in St.A “fly” of a certain person who will soon turn 30. Mal was raised by his wife and “about 40 hands” at the famous Shadow Planet Ranch. Although Mal usually seems more practical than intellectual, he sometimes surprises his friends by showing familiarity with various works , from the works of Xiang Yu to the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, although he did not give much thought to “who” the Mona Lisa was.

    Mal volunteered for the Independent Army during the Unification War against the Alliance, and had undoubtedly reached the rank of sergeant by that time. His loyal assistant Zoe was often by his side in most of the fights, enduring many dangerous conflicts by his side. Three similar battles are mentioned in the show, including the Battle of Du Khang in 2510 (shown in “Message”) and the long winter campaign in New Kashmir (narrated by Zoya in “War Stories”) where he told the train. Mal also played a key role during the Battle of Sturges (as seen in the Serenity: Those Behind The Left comics) at the site of a campaign that Badger says was “the bloodiest and shortest battle of all time.”Inu. second distant. Mal fought back in many other battles, but the turning point for him was undoubtedly the Independents, with their physical and emotional defeat at the battle in Serenity Valley on the planet Hera. Information on the screen from the movie Serenity suggests that Mal received a bona fide promotion to captain for the entire battle of Serenity Valley to assume command of the ever-growing troop of independent troops that his officers passed through. . This may explain why, in one of the deleted scenes, Mel was in command of at least 2,200 men after the Firefly pilot. On-screen information in the Serenity TV shows and films, where he was associated with the 57th Overlanders Brigade; in which serial pilot Badger refers to it as the “Balloon and Bayonet Brigade”, although it is not clear if this was a derogatory nickname Badger coined by him or the unit’s actual epithet.

    After the war, Mal bought himself a stormtrooper, a decrepit Firefly 03-K64 class transport formerly owned by a man named Captain Harbatkin (Mal never managed to change his papers). Mal named the ship “Serenity” in honor of the battle in the Vale.Serenity, the climactic battle of the Unification War.

    Zoe Washburn

    Zoe Alleyne Washburn played Gina Torres.Zoe was born in Wesselside on February 15, 2484 (given her statements to Wash regarding the dispute in what is now the “Heart of Gold”, which is clearly a powerful expression meaning “aboard a spaceship”), Zoe served under the command of Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds in the Unification War and continues to use his crew on his spaceship Serenity. She shares her belief in the depravity of the Alliance man and loves freedom for the planetary frontier. Zoe, a loyal first officer and a tough and deadly fighter, is a loyal member of Mal’s crew who regularly calls him “sir”, a relic from his past as a soldier. She trusts Mal implicitly, but disregards orders on serious occasions when she disagrees with him.

    Zoe teamed up with Serenity pilot Wash shortly after the character joined the team, though Lindsey initially claimed that her ex was “troubling” her about something. In the DVD commentary for the episode “Fun”, the costume designerShona Trpcic mentions that the skin Zoey always wears is a small marriage proposal. However, he wears the necklace in the flashback sequences “Relationship with Gas” before she marries Washington. In the book Firefly: The Official Companion-Tom. 1, Torres suggests that the necklace is actually a shoelace that Zoey may have worn during the Unification War.

    firefly character bios

    Despite the fact that Zoe and Vash led a very dangerous lifestyle, they managed to live a fairly happy marriage with only one friend. While washing the dishes, he becomes jealous of Zoe’s close relationship with Mel.

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    Firefly Character Bios
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