Best Solution To Run Qmake On Windows

You may encounter an error message about how to run qmake on Windows. There are several ways to solve this problem and this is what we are going to do now.


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    qmake is generally a tool that simplifies the build process for cross-platform development. qmake automates the creation of the entire makefile, so it takes several lines of information to create each makefile. qmake can be used in any software project, whether it is written in Qt or not.

    The behavior of qmake at runtime can be customizedb by specifying various options in the capture string. They help clarify build procedures, provide useful insights, and may take some time to specify the target platform for your family project.

    Command Syntax

    how to run qmake in windows

    The format used to run qmake is most often the simple form name=”operating-modes”>:

    Working Modes

    How do you use qmake?

    For simple projects, you just need to run qmake in the first values ​​directory of your project. If you’re behind, qmake generates a makefile that you then use to build projects yourself, and then you can run your main platform’s make tool to create the project type. qmake is also recommended for creating project files.

    qmake supports two different modes of operation, out of order. In default mode, qmake uses the information in the company file to create a makefile, but you can also use qmake to create project files. If you want to explicitly set my mode, you must specify it on top of all other options. mode will most likely have one of four values:

  • -makefile
    qmake output ends with a makefile.
  • The output of -project
    qmake will also be a project file.


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  • Note. It is likely that the submission you created will need to be edited. For example, add a QT variable to make it easier to select the required modules when viewing a project.

    You can use options a to specify general and mode-specific settings. Options that only require disabling Makefile mode are described in Makefile Mode Options. These are the options that affect building from project files and are described in each Project Mode Options section.


    The files argument represents a directory of one or more Sonata project callback files separated by spaces.

    General Options

    How do I run a Qt Pro file?

    Select File -> Open Project.Select Build -> Run qmake.

    With the qmake to command phrase, you can specify a wide range of options to transform your build process beyond the defaults for your platform. The following basic options provide help with using qmake, specify where qmake creates the output file, and control some debugging information that will be written to the console:

  • -help
    qmake will consider these factors and provide useful help.
  • -o file
    Output from qmake will be sent to file. Usually, if this option is not specified, qmake will try to help youYou can use an appropriate filename for your output, depending on the system it’s running on. .
  • -d Qmake
    displays performance debug information. Adding more -d than at the time increases the verbosity.
  • how to run qmake in windows

    The template used for his project is usually defined by his TEMPLATE in the projectstart variable. You can overwrite or change anything using the following options:

  • -t tmpl
    qmake overwrites all TEMPLATE location variables with tmpl, unfortunately only after processing the .pro file.
  • -tp prefix
    qmake add actually executes the prefix on the variable TEMPLATE.
  • Some of the warnings can be improved to help you find problems with your project file:

  • -Wall
    qmake may well report all known warnings.
  • -wnone No warning information is generated during qmake.
  • -Wparser Qmake
    only extracts parser warnings. This will inform your entire family about the possible pitfalls and circumstances of an accident. Lize conversion files.
  • -Wlogic
    qmake warns you about common pitfalls and potential problems with your project file. For example, the description of qmake will describe multiple occurrences of data files in lists and missing files.
  • Makefile Options Style

    In makefile mode, qmake creates your own makefile, which is used to start building the project. In addition, the following strategies can be used in this application to change how the plan file is generated:

  • -after
    When using the qmake method, the destinations are specified in the query string after the specified files.
  • -nocache qmake ignores file .qmake.cache.
  • -nodepend
    qmake generates little to no dependency information.
  • cache file
    qmake may well use file as the cache entry and ignore any other .qmake.cache entries found.
  • -spec spec
    will build using spec as the path to the relevant platform compiler information and ignore the QMAKESPEC evaluation.
  • You can also rely on qmake for command line assignments. They are processed before any files specified in the rule. For example, the read command creates a makefile besides

    However, some of the above parameters could well have been omitted as they are default values:

    If you are certain that your variables will be processed after the specified data files, you can pass this -after option. When set, all assignments on the command line are checked for the presence of the -after parameter until moved after the specified parts have been parsed.

    Project Mode Options

    In project mode, qmake can create a project file. In addition, the following types can be delivered in this mode:

  • -r
    qmake will also look for recursively mounted directories.
  • -nopwd
    qmake will not look for source signals in your current directory. Only the specified files.
  • are used

    In this mode, the files factor canbe a list of referencing files or directories. If a directory is likely specified, it will be included in the DEPENDPATH variable, and the corresponding machine from there will be included in the project file generated here. If a better file is specified, a little more is added to the correct variable depending on the extension. For example, user interface files are added to FORMS, while normal C++ files are added to SOURCES.

    How use qmake command line?

    -o file. qmake output is redirected to a file.-unix. qmake works Unix style.-max. qmake runs in Mac OS X mode.-vin32. qmake must run in Win32 mode.-D qmake will probably (hopefully) print some useful debug information.-t pattern-tp prefix.-To help.

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