Easiest Way To Fix HTTP 502 Return Code


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    Over the past week, some users have reported to us that they are experiencing an HTTP 502 return code. Gateway error code 502 Bad HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) indicates that although the server is primarily acting as a gateway or proxy, it received a specific bad response from the upstream server.

    http return code 502

    10.5.3 502 Wrong Gateway
    The server that was previously acting as a gateway or proxy received an invalid response from upstream servers accessed to complete the request.

    How do I fix Error 502?

    Reloads the page.Start a new browsing session or load most of the site in a different browser.Restart your computer and network devices.Clear the main cache and cookies.Change your company’s DNS server.Contact the site administrator or your ISP.

    Can an invalid response mean no response at all (e.g. connection denied)?

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    What causes a 502 error?

    The 502 bad gateway error occurs when you try to visit a web page, but only one web server automatically receives an invalid message from another. Usually the problem was with the website itself and there was nothing you could do about it, of course. In other cases, this error occurs due to an issue with your computer or marketing equipment.


    Is 502 Bad gateway a virus?

    It is true that the public can experience the 502 Bad Gateway error on any browser and therefore on any computer. Think of your firewall as a safety precaution that protects your computer from malicious outsiders such as viruses, hackers, malware, and other threats.

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    A 502 Bad gateway error occurs whenever you try to visit a page in cyberspace, but one web server receives an invalid response from another. Usually the problem lies in the web pages themselves and nothing can be done about it. In other cases, this error occurs due to problems with your own network or computer equipment.

    What is a 502 bad gateway error?

    A 502 bad gateway error means that the web host you’re connected to is acting as another proxy server to relay information from another server, but has received a fatally incorrect response from that other system. This is just a 502 error as it is the HTTP status code used by the web server to describe the nature of the error.

    These negative reactions can be caused by various reasons. It is possible that a particular server is overloaded andwhether there are communication problems between the two servers, although this is only a temporary problem. It’s also possible that there is a poorly designed firewall, or even an HTML encoding bug, and the issue is not considered resolved until those issues are usually resolved.


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  • As with 404 errors, website designers can customize the appearance of 502 errors, so you may encounter different 502 errors on different sites. Sites may also use slightly different headers for this error. For example, you might see things like:

  • HTTP Error 502: Invalid Gateway
  • HTTP 502
  • Service 502 temporarily overloaded
  • Temporary error (502)
  • Server Error 502: Hosting has encountered a temporary error and cannot process your request
  • 502 Invalid Nginx Gateway
  • http return code 502

    In the vast majority of rare cases, it’s just a server-side bug and you won’t be able to do it all. Sometimes this is a short-term error; sometimes it doesn’t. However, there are a few things you can try for your goal.

    Reload page

    What is a 502 Error on a proxy?

    Proxy Error 502. Server Error 502: The server encountered one temporary error and was unable to fulfill your request 100%. HTTP 502. 502 This is an error. Bad Gateway: The proxy received an invalid response from the upstream server. HTTP Error 502 – Invalid Gateway.

    Upgrading your World Wide Web site is always worth a try. Often the 502 error is temporary and a simple refresh can help. Most browsers allow families to refresh the page using Ctrl+R on Windows or Cmd+R on Mac, and also provide a refresh button somewhere in the home’s address bar.

    Why do I keep getting 502 bad gateway?

    What madeAre you just getting a 502 Bad Gateway error? Server overload. An overloaded server is one of the most common causes of a fatal 502 error. Here, the main server has reached its memory limit, which is often triggered by an unusually high number of visitors trying to connect to the same website.

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    What does 502 Bad Gateway mean on the web?

    To canvas. To learn more. The 502 Bad Gateway error is an HTTP status code that means that another server on the Internet received a strong bad response from another server. 502 Bad Gateway errors are completely independent of your specific setup, meaning you can see them on any browser, on any operating system, and on any device.

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