How Do You Find The Registry In Windows XP


  • 1. Download ASR Pro
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    If you know where to find the registry in a Windows XP error message on your PC, check out these repair ideas. Right-click or press and hold the Start button and select Run. Type regedit and press Enter. The Registry Editor will open.

    1. DirectX Cannot Be Installed On Windows 10 Due To Error 0x80070005 (Permission Denied)

      Hello everyone

      I tried installing DirectX (latest version except June 2010) on my Windows 10 laptop (64-bit) and they both tell me that an internal error has occurred and let me open the Check DXError.log file. Here is what I have:

      [7/19/19 7:39:03 PM] Module: dxupdate (March 33, 2011), File: dxupdate.cpp, Line: 6637, Function: CMDXInstall::Install

      API Error: InstallAssembly()
      Error: (0x80070005) – Access denied

      Cannot install Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3DX.dll.

      [7/19/19 7:39:03 PM] Module: dxupdate (March 2011), 30 computer file: dxupdate.cpp, line: 2165, function: ExecuteCab

      [7/19/19 7:39:03 PM] Member: dxupdate (March 2011), 30 File: dxupdate.cpp, company: 5776, fu Option: DirectXUpdateInstallPlugIn

      ExecuteCab() failed.

      It looks like the problem is caused by the system denying DirectX access to the file. I have now tried many measures from the website including changing the binary associated with the InstalledVersion file in regedit, re-downloading the DX installer (I have downloaded a bunch from both official website milliseconds), deleting the DirectX folder in regedit/sfc which works in teams. Unfortunately, they all failed.

      So, can anyone help me with this tricky problem? I would really appreciate it if you would.


    2. errore 0x80070005 means connection refused, fix it

    3. Does anyone know what access denied 0x80070005 means and how to fix it?
  • Windows 10 – 0x80070005 – Access denied

    Error 0x80070005 – Access denied strongly indicates that you have been infected with “malware”. In addition…

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