How To Fix Windows Stop Error C0000218

Over the past few days, some of our users have reported to us that they are facing Windows Stop error c0000218.


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    Fix Blue Screen “Stop: C0000218 Registry File Error” in Windows XP. This can happen due to software or device issues, such as a power failure despite Windows writing to the music registry file (software) or a new category of system hardware (hardware) failing.

    This is a collection of errorsusually indicates that the pc itself has refusedStart following the corruption of mineRegistration. The following should fix itProblem. However, it is important for you to know whichReplace all five recording sticks. SimpleReplacing one or two could potentially lead toOther problems.

    You must not use the associated two-clause methodInstructions below if your system is OEM(manufacturer of original equipment copies)Windows XP. He will definitely make yourSystem operation is disabled. OEM objectsCreate passwords and username that didn’t work beforeexist. Therefore, in your own interestinstructions will not solve the problem. Optionit’s easiest to use OEM copies, including XPReinstall XP and installPlease restore the manufacturerHard drives.

    Simple method

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Keep clickingPress F8 up until the menu appears.
    3. When the menu is displayed, use the UP buttonand DOWN pointer buttonsSelect “Last thought for a good setup.”opportunity.
    4. 4/ Once selected, press Enter.
    5. Your computer should now reinstall the last known user configuration file.
    6. Restart your PC and seeif the problem is solved.
    7. If not, continue to the next method.below.

    Slightly simple method

    This fix was provided by Peter Hayes.Although this is fixed, a fix is ​​not “guaranteed”The problem is worth going through a workaroundbefore moving on to the boring method.

    1. Insert Windows XPInsert your Blu-ray CD and restart your preferred computer.
    2. Welcome to the installerR popup to runRecovery Console
    3. 3/Recovery Console is now available via andA list of Windows databases is displayed.
    4. Because you only have one installationPC needs your company to push the number to beappropriate for your installation location.only 1 will usually be obvious(one).
    5. If prompted, enter yourAdministrator password. otherwiseSet administrator personal information and then just clickEnter.
    6. Recovery ShellA command prompt window will appear here.
    7. When prompted by the CHKDSK recovery consoleType: .CHKDSK
    8. When file sectors move in CHKDSK reportsagain only this type of attempt: CHKDSK /Rinstead.
    9. Bad sectors on a hard drive can be repaired.Take your time, so be patient.
    10. After CHKDSK supportsDone, delete thoseCD xp from any CD and reboot.
    11. I hope your computer boots normally.

    Complex method

    First step
    1. Insert this Windows XP CDon the CD and restart your computer.
    2. Press R on the setup splash screen to start the setup.Recovery Console.
    3. The console will openformation.A list of Windows installations is displayed.
    4. Because buyers only have one installation with one person.PC, you must press the whole number thataccording to their installation location. This,obviously will be 1 in many cases(a). Requested
    5. when entering the administrator password. If a person does not haveSet admin password, just click like thisEnter.
    6. Time interval to query the recovery consolenow appears.
    7. At the time of orderType the following: Press Enterafter entering each line.
    8. mdtmp

      copy c:windowssystem32configsystemc:windowstmpsystem.bak

      copy c:windowssystem32configsoftwarec:windowstmpsoftware.bak

      copy c:windowssystem32configsamc:windowstmpsam.bak

      copy c:windowssystem32configsecurityc:windowstmpsecurity.bak

      copy c:windowssystem32configdefaultc:windowstmpdefault.bak











      windows stop error c0000218

      copy c:windowsrepairsystemc:windowssystem32configsystem


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    9. 1. Download ASR Pro
    10. 2. Run the program
    11. 3. Click "Scan Now" to find and remove any viruses on your computer

    12. copy c:windowsrepairsoftwarec:windowssystem32configsoftware

      copy c:windowsrepairsamc:windowssystem32configsam

      windows stop error c0000218

      copy c:windowsrepairsecurity c:windowsrepairdefaultc:windowssystem32configsecurity


    13. Now click “Exit” to exit everything.Recovery Console
    14. Finally restart your new computer.

    Step 2

    1. When the computer restarts, sign inas administrator. You will definitelyIn Windows XP Home, you can only log in as a realAdmin about Safefashion.
    2. The next step is to copyRegistry files from their sponsored site aboveUse System Restore. However, just before you canStart with folder options that need to be set in justWindows Explorer to show hiddenfiles and folders.
    3. Open Windows Explorer.
    4. Click parameters strategieson the main toolbar.
    5. Click on the Reject menuFolder options
    6. In most foldersFor window options, click the View tab.
    7. Check the list of music filesuntil you reach “Hidden files and folders”.
    8. Click on the radio button themeoption availablei showHidden files and folders to include an itemopportunity.
    9. Then go down two lines and delete the current entry.Check the box next to Hide specificA secure operating system is presented (recommended).
    10. You will receive an informative presentationwhich may cause these types of files to be modified or deletedDamage to the new system. Click Yesto confirm families who wish to review these product sheets.
    11. From folder/directorySelect from Windows Explorer listThe drive where you installed Windows XP
    12. Open physical volumeInformation folder (the folder is displayedgrayed out) If you get a system volumeInformation is not really available. Access closedSee Microsoft for the error message you are receivingKnowledge Base Article309531.
    13. Inside you can find one or more registrar folders.which look like this: _restore87BD3667-3246-476B-923F-F86E30B3E7F8.
    14. If these folders appear as icons or sometimesThumbnails click viewOption related to the main toolbartools, and click “Details” to get a better view.files.
    15. Select one track at a time that hasn’t been created yet.current time and start due to RPx(these are restore points)
    16. Open them one by one and browse through the folders.Snapshot folder – for example: C:SystemvolumeInformation_restoreD86480E3-73EF-47BC-A0EB-A81BE6EE3ED8RP1Snapshot.
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      Error De Detención De Windows C0000218
      Windows 중지 오류 C0000218
      Windows-Stoppfehler C0000218
      Ошибка остановки Windows C0000218
      Erreur D’arrêt Windows C0000218
      Erro De Parada Do Windows C0000218
      Errore Di Arresto Di Windows C0000218
      Błąd Zatrzymania Systemu Windows C0000218
      Windows Stoppfel C0000218
      Windows Stop-fout C0000218