How To Fix Wsus 364 Event Id Scoped Log Header?

Sometimes your computer may display a message with event ID wsus area log header 364. There can be several reasons why this error occurs.


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    WSUS: Failed to load file content. Access denied

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    Event ID 364
    source Windows Server Update Services
    Description Could not load content file. Reason: Access is explicitly denied.
    “According to file:
    Microsoft Event”

    REASON: In some cases this is probably due to a lack of read/write access to NETWORK SERVICE.


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  • SOLUTION. Check the archive permissions for the root directory and currently for the folder where the update content is being extracted, ensure that NETWORK SERVICE has read access to the root directory mapped to the drive, and modify the collection in the WsusContent directory.

    This information, according to some newsgroups, may help you:

    —————————————————– —————- ————– – ——————- ————
    WSUS Synchronization requires updating content articles updated from an upstream server or from Microsoft.
    wsus event id 364 range protocol header

    Resolution: Content Synchronization failed to load Content continues to fail. BITS service does not open or stops is loaded during loading.

    a) Open the appropriate command window.
    b) Type config sc elements start= auto
    3.Type net stop bits && total bits
    4 start.Type net stop wsusservice && start off net wsusservice < br>5.Start WSUS 3.0: Click Start, select Administrative Tools, but select Microsoft Windows Server Version 3.0 Update Services.
    6.Click Synchronization Results.< br>7. In the Action area, click Sync Now.

    Check: Find an identical error event.

    1. Open the capture window.
    2.Type cd Tools.
    3. Type wsusutil checkhealth
    4. Type eventvwr.
    5. Check the new application log for the latest events from the original Windows Server Update Services and Event ID 10030.
    —————————————————– —————- ————– – ——————- ————
    The server does not support the specific required HTTP protocol. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) requires the remote computer to support the Area Protocol header. “” – This issue occurs when your proxy environment does not support HTTP 1.1 protocol. You can get around this important fact manually by configuring BITS. Download Analysis Tool Windows Update Services Server for Microsoft Server”? download, extract the file and immediately run the following command from the command line:WsusDebugTool.exe /Tool:SetForegroundDownload.
    The WSUS Administrator home page may display the following:
    One or more update services could not be contacted. Check the status of your server by making sure the Windows Server Update service is running. Services not running: SelfUpdate. This message can be caused by one of two problems.
    Firstly, if you accept this message in the to-do list on the private WSUS console page, you may have been given an IP address that points to your default WSUS website set by to the server. To avoid this problem, follow these steps:
    1. On the server, open IIS Manager. In the tree view, expand Computer Name, expand Websites, right-click Default Website and select Properties.
    2. On the Website tab, under Site Identification, type (All Unassigned) again in the IP Address field, click OK, and close IIS Manager.
    3. Open Services (click Start, select AdminTrial”, and then click “Services”). In the details pane, right-click Services, select Restart, and close Services.


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    wsus event id 364 range protocol header

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